RouletteAs I told you in my first post, I plan on giving you tips on how to make the most of your gaming, by sharing some of the things I’ve learnt to work at online casinos and warning you about those risky endeavours that would more likely than not bring you only negative experience. I’ll start off by summing up my tips on choosing the best online roulette sites.

I’m not going to go into detail about what roulette is and how it came about – that’s what the Wikipedia entry on roulette is for – I’ll jump straight into giving you the 5 questions you should ask when searching for the best online roulette sites.

Is There a Roulette Bonus?

When joining a casino, you’re normally offered a welcome bonus. In its terms, it is clearly stated which games can be played with it and what contribution they have towards the wagering requirements. Make sure roulette is there on the list and has a decent contribution. Otherwise, you might either not manage to turn the bonus over in time, in which case your bonus and all winning resulting from it will be void, or have to conform to playing other games, such as slots, for the sake of the bonus playthrough.

Are There Game Variations?

Instant gratification is the norm nowadays, so make sure you’re not compromising with your iGaming options. When choosing a casino, check to see how many roulette games they have on offer. One or two won’t do. You’ll soon get bored and you’ll probably wish you hadn’t committed to that casino in the first place. There are so many new and exciting variations to enjoy, such as Marvel Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and 3 Wheel Roulette. Have a look at the detailed reviews of modern variations at /www.roulettesites.org/.

Are Roulette Games Available for Mobile Devices?

With everyone living in their mobile devices nowadays, many reputable casinos offer a large portion of their games for players who are out and about. But not all do. That means you’ll have to be extra careful and not settle for less than a great game variety for your mobiles.

Are There Live Roulette Tables?

What are live tables? Well, just about the greatest innovation in online casinos! It’s plating your favourite game of roulette while interacting with a real dealer, situated in an exciting casino setting. The game is streamed live from the live platform providers’ special studios. Not only will you get the feel you get at a land-based casino but you’ll feel like a VIP player with the live dealer catering to all your entertainment needs.

Are There Wide Table Limits?

Even if you think that table limits don’t matter, do take my advice and look for a casino that offers a variety of limits. Even if they don’t do so at the same table, they should at least provide you with different tables when betting limits are concerned. You think you won’t need a VIP roulette table? But what if you win big and decide to wager a larger sum of money?


CardsWhy do you play online casino games? Maybe for the entertainment factor? Perhaps they provide the chance to unwind from the pressures of daily life? Or do you have aspirations of striking it lucky and winning life changing amounts of money? Well, whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, I can help you to profit from them!

Now let’s be clear from the start. I cannot provide you with a mathematical formula to become a millionaire. Heck, if I had that, I’d be writing this blog from my own private tropical island, rather than from my bedroom! Yet what I can do is provide you with plenty of useful tips and advice to make sure that you get the most out of casino games.

This comes down to what you want from your playing experience. For those of you who play casino games for entertainment and enjoyment, I will steer you in the direction of the best games available online, and the best places you can play them. I’ll also keep you up to date on any new game releases, with honest and valuable reviews of which are worth playing and which are worth avoiding.

For those of you who play casino games in the hope of being a big winner, for starters, I want to remind you that it is called gambling for a reason. There is no sure fire way to guarantee that you will be a winner. However, having said that, there are certain steps you can take to boost your chances of success. From choosing games with the lowest house edge, to playing with certain systems and strategies, I will share my tips to help you become a winner.

Please come back regularly to read my latest posts. I aim to provide a varied selection of posts to cater to all types of players. And if there is anything in particular you would like me to cover in my blog, then please do not hesitate to drop me a line, and I’ll do my upmost to meet your request.